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Post #5 - Long time no see

Sorry for our long hiatus, things got pretty busy over Xmas. Hopefully I havn't missed too much, if there is a post you feel I should of included please comment and I will put it up next week.

Amanda Tapping to be in 15 episodes of Season 9
Sky One has picked up SG Season 9 and Atlantis Season 2
Interview with Patric Currie (Gemini Spoilers)
Joe Flannigan to write Season 2 Ep
First annual Isis Awards for Stargate Secondary 'Ship Fanfic
is open for nominations
Nominations for Crossover Awards now open
Winners announced at Stargate Vid Awards
Nominations Sam/Jack Fanfiction Awards Open

jolinar_x_icons posted 19 Stargate and Atlantis icons
madmackemgirl made 15 Stargate and Atlantis icons
artifuss made 16 'Fifth Race' icons and 17 Lost City
faithfulpuppy85 posted 10 Atlantis (mainly Rodney) icons and 13 more Atlantis icons
lornyloo posted links to 25 icons
chocojester made 10 Stargate/Atlantis icons
troyswann made 8 Stargate icons
_spuk_ made 14 Sam and Jack icons
lyssie made 46 Stargate icons;Sam, Janet, Sam/Jack
jr_moon post 85 Stargate icons
littlekfru posted 16 SG and Atlantis icons
shoemoney2night made 17 Atlantis icons
dierne posted 20 Stargate icons
mouthsopen posted 15 Atlantis icons
chlex made 32 Stargate and Atlantis icons and a Tutorial
starbuck92 made 18 Stargate and Atlantis icons
fynn_fisch made 23 Stargate icons
nevskaya made 29 Jack/Daniel icons

mrv3000 just wrote a The Space Between a fluffy Sam/Jack fic, post Space Race
cecilialisbon_ wrote Meaningless, Meaningful Sam/Jack fic with spoilers for Threads and Affinity
misssimm and driftingatdusk posted the last part of their 3 part Sam/Jack trilogy A Moment of Time
doctorv wrote Pretending a Jack/Daniel fic
emerald_dawn wrote 3 Jack/Daniel drabbles
elfinessy wrote Surface Tension I and Surface Tension II 2 parts of a Daniel/Jack fic
maraceles wrote Five Careers That Jack or Daniel Never Had a Daniel/Jack fic
bastmoon wrote Dua Arch: Bolero a Jack/Daniel fic, Rating: NC-17, Spoilers for all seasons
uberaeryn wrote So Very Wrong Rating NC-17, OT3
ev_vy wrote a Sam fic Travel Sickness

{Art and Graphics}
eirenealetheia posted a Paradise Lost Scroll bar
sazandra made colourbars: Sarah/Osiris, Sam, Jack, Daniel
jr_moon posted Daniel/Sha're art and Affinity art
tripoli made This World is Love a J/D collage
briarwood has some awesome new SG digital paintings posted here
suzygirl made a Sam Wallpaper and a Sam/Jack wallpaper
exitmusic_ made 9 Jack and Daniel icons
icon_ascension posted 13 Season 8 icons
littlekfru posted 23 Stargate and Atlantis icons
nz_taz posted 3 manips (Pg-13 rated) Daniel in Demin, Just Married and Motorbike Daniel
nicci_mac posted 3 manips (R rated) DHD love (Jack/Daniel), The Morning After (McKay/Shep)) and Dreaming (Daniel)

{Random Fandom}
lethal_insanity has started a petition to keep Ford as a regular character in Atlantis
eleigh is ranting about "Kill Pete shippers"
misssimm and driftingatdusk made Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete music video to 'Forget Me Not'
cithara posted a Gratuitous Ass-Shots Are Love colour bar
digitalwave is selling her collectibles including Stargate, Startrek, Babylon 5 and X men
sj_by_episode is currently on The Nox
sg_appreciation is currently appreciating Fire and Water
katie_m wants to know Which SG-1 episodes should've ended differently?
tripoli posted a rant about Full Alert

{Competition and Challenges}
stargate_still - voting Round #19 (Abyss)/GWC #16 (Fav. Episodes) here
sg1_showdown - challenge #43 - Jack is up now
sg_challenge - challenge #5 - Meridian is up now
atlantisfaceoff - challenge #21 - Monty Python is up now
stargate_chorus - "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree still on
the_alphasite - Round #3 (Teams) still on
stargatehush - voting Round #6 (team) here
sg1_woo - A NEW ART CHALLENGE SITE: voting Round #1 (Jack) is up now

sj100 - 'On Fire' challenge up now
samjanet100 - Revenge Challenge up now
stargate100 - Retribution Challenge up now
janetfic100 - Anguish Challenge up now
atlantis100 - Retribution Challenge up now
samcarter100 - P3X-595 Challenge up now

stargate_quiz - First round for January up now
sg1_creativity - Lip icon challenge and Fic Challenge up now

{New Community}
sg1_woo - A Stargate icon challenge
tjc - A SG roleplaying community

nomorefrostbite has set her own personal icon challenge based on the Doctors of Atlantis

Thanks to chocojester for all her help, and to everyone who commented with links. Please continue to do so.
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