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Challenge Round-Up 2


Challenge 50  (Siege Parts 1-3) still running. Closes TOMORROW Dec 2nd 10pm EST.


Challenge 8 (Theme - 'tactile') closes Sunday Dec 4th 8pm GMT. Only two participants so far....


Challenge 27 ('Men in Black') extended until Sunday Dec 4th 10pm GMT. Lack of entries.


Challenge 22 (Abyss). Closes Saturday Dec 17th.


Appears to have come to a complete stand still... No change since last round-up.


Challenge 11 (Sam and Jack Season 1). Closing Sunday Dec 4th 8pm GMT.


Challenge 6 (The bad guys) runs until Sunday Dec 4th midnight EST.


Challenge 44 (theme challenge is fight scenes that *don't* include guns, cap challenge is Ronon Dex) has been extended until TOMORROW Dec 2nd 9pm EST. List of fight scenes here for inspiration.


Stargate Challenge 47 (Abyss - The Fortress) Cap challenge.

Atlantis Challenge 25  (Duet - Rodney goes insane) Cap challenge. Season 2 spoilers.

Goa'uld Weekly Challenge 44 (Complementary Colours) See challenge post for details.

All close Sunday Dec 4th 9pm PST.



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Challenge Round-up 1


Challenge 50 (Siege parts 1-3). Closes Fri Dec 2nd 10pm EST.


Announced winners of Challenge 7 (Atlantis).


Announced winners of Challenge 26 ('Black') SG-1 and Atlantis.

Challenge 27 ('Men in Black') closes Sun Nov 27th 10pm GMT. Currently there's a lack of entries.


Challenge 21 (Reckoning Parts 1 and 2) runs until Mon Nov 28th. Another lack of entries there.


Challenge 81 (New Order Parts 1 and 2). Closing date unknown. Lack of entries here too.


Still voting on Challenge 10 (clean icons).


Challenge 5 (Janet Fraiser) has been extended until Sun Nov 27th midnight due to lack of entries.


Challenge 44 (theme challenge is fight scenes that *don't* include guns, cap challenge is Ronon Dex) closes Wed Nov 30th 9pm PST.


Stargate Challenge 45, Atlantis Challenge 23 and Goa'uld Weekly Challenge 42 results.

Stargate Challenge 46 (Unnatural Selection - Fifth caps)

Atlantis Challenge 24 (Sanctuary - Shep caps)

Goa'uld Weekly Challenge 43 (Texture Shock, see post for more details)

All close Sun Nov 27th 9pm PST.


That's all for now folks.

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Challenge Comm Round-up 24th Nov '05

I know this comm has been dead for a long time now which is probably mostly my fault.

Kinda got caught up in other things. Sorry.

Anyway whilst I don't have the time to do a full fandom round-up even on a weekly basis I do intend to do twice weekly challenge comm round-ups.

This is an attempt to boast participation in challenges by giving everyone a helping hand with a one stop post that will tell them what challenges are running in what comms and when they close.

The aim is to do these round-ups on Wednesdays for the mid-week reminders on most comms and on Sundays for everything that happens at weekends.

I'm going to start by doing a slightly late mid-week reminder for this week. 

The comms I know of are:

sg1_showdown sg_lyrical atlantisfaceoff stargatehush stargate_still sg1_episodic sg_inanimate stargate_comedy shipper_hush

If you know of any that I've missed from this list please drop a comment to this post and let me know.

Thanks, Karrie

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Well hello there!

Hi, I'm your temporary mod Karrie.
I'm going to try and bring thing sback up to date round here.

Now to do this I'm going to need your help.
The last post here was back in January and I'd like to try and catch up on the 3 months since then.

I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks looking back through various archives searching for posts that should be linked to here but if you can think of anything (big icon posts, great fic, new comms) that I need to know about leave me a comment to *this* post.

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BSG: Adama/Roslin

Post #5 - Long time no see

Sorry for our long hiatus, things got pretty busy over Xmas. Hopefully I havn't missed too much, if there is a post you feel I should of included please comment and I will put it up next week.

Amanda Tapping to be in 15 episodes of Season 9
Sky One has picked up SG Season 9 and Atlantis Season 2
Interview with Patric Currie (Gemini Spoilers)
Joe Flannigan to write Season 2 Ep
First annual Isis Awards for Stargate Secondary 'Ship Fanfic
is open for nominations
Nominations for Crossover Awards now open
Winners announced at Stargate Vid Awards
Nominations Sam/Jack Fanfiction Awards Open

jolinar_x_icons posted 19 Stargate and Atlantis icons
madmackemgirl made 15 Stargate and Atlantis icons
artifuss made 16 'Fifth Race' icons and 17 Lost City
faithfulpuppy85 posted 10 Atlantis (mainly Rodney) icons and 13 more Atlantis icons
lornyloo posted links to 25 icons
chocojester made 10 Stargate/Atlantis icons
troyswann made 8 Stargate icons
_spuk_ made 14 Sam and Jack icons
lyssie made 46 Stargate icons;Sam, Janet, Sam/Jack
jr_moon post 85 Stargate icons
littlekfru posted 16 SG and Atlantis icons
shoemoney2night made 17 Atlantis icons
dierne posted 20 Stargate icons
mouthsopen posted 15 Atlantis icons
chlex made 32 Stargate and Atlantis icons and a Tutorial
starbuck92 made 18 Stargate and Atlantis icons
fynn_fisch made 23 Stargate icons
nevskaya made 29 Jack/Daniel icons

mrv3000 just wrote a The Space Between a fluffy Sam/Jack fic, post Space Race
cecilialisbon_ wrote Meaningless, Meaningful Sam/Jack fic with spoilers for Threads and Affinity
misssimm and driftingatdusk posted the last part of their 3 part Sam/Jack trilogy A Moment of Time
doctorv wrote Pretending a Jack/Daniel fic
emerald_dawn wrote 3 Jack/Daniel drabbles
elfinessy wrote Surface Tension I and Surface Tension II 2 parts of a Daniel/Jack fic
maraceles wrote Five Careers That Jack or Daniel Never Had a Daniel/Jack fic
bastmoon wrote Dua Arch: Bolero a Jack/Daniel fic, Rating: NC-17, Spoilers for all seasons
uberaeryn wrote So Very Wrong Rating NC-17, OT3
ev_vy wrote a Sam fic Travel Sickness

{Art and Graphics}
eirenealetheia posted a Paradise Lost Scroll bar
sazandra made colourbars: Sarah/Osiris, Sam, Jack, Daniel
jr_moon posted Daniel/Sha're art and Affinity art
tripoli made This World is Love a J/D collage
briarwood has some awesome new SG digital paintings posted here
suzygirl made a Sam Wallpaper and a Sam/Jack wallpaper
exitmusic_ made 9 Jack and Daniel icons
icon_ascension posted 13 Season 8 icons
littlekfru posted 23 Stargate and Atlantis icons
nz_taz posted 3 manips (Pg-13 rated) Daniel in Demin, Just Married and Motorbike Daniel
nicci_mac posted 3 manips (R rated) DHD love (Jack/Daniel), The Morning After (McKay/Shep)) and Dreaming (Daniel)

{Random Fandom}
lethal_insanity has started a petition to keep Ford as a regular character in Atlantis
eleigh is ranting about "Kill Pete shippers"
misssimm and driftingatdusk made Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete music video to 'Forget Me Not'
cithara posted a Gratuitous Ass-Shots Are Love colour bar
digitalwave is selling her collectibles including Stargate, Startrek, Babylon 5 and X men
sj_by_episode is currently on The Nox
sg_appreciation is currently appreciating Fire and Water
katie_m wants to know Which SG-1 episodes should've ended differently?
tripoli posted a rant about Full Alert

{Competition and Challenges}
stargate_still - voting Round #19 (Abyss)/GWC #16 (Fav. Episodes) here
sg1_showdown - challenge #43 - Jack is up now
sg_challenge - challenge #5 - Meridian is up now
atlantisfaceoff - challenge #21 - Monty Python is up now
stargate_chorus - "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree still on
the_alphasite - Round #3 (Teams) still on
stargatehush - voting Round #6 (team) here
sg1_woo - A NEW ART CHALLENGE SITE: voting Round #1 (Jack) is up now

sj100 - 'On Fire' challenge up now
samjanet100 - Revenge Challenge up now
stargate100 - Retribution Challenge up now
janetfic100 - Anguish Challenge up now
atlantis100 - Retribution Challenge up now
samcarter100 - P3X-595 Challenge up now

stargate_quiz - First round for January up now
sg1_creativity - Lip icon challenge and Fic Challenge up now

{New Community}
sg1_woo - A Stargate icon challenge
tjc - A SG roleplaying community

nomorefrostbite has set her own personal icon challenge based on the Doctors of Atlantis

Thanks to chocojester for all her help, and to everyone who commented with links. Please continue to do so.
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BSG: Adama/Roslin

Post #5 - 5 Goa'uld Rings

New cast member for Stargate Season 9, with more on the role here
RDA's role in Season Nine undecided
No Gemini awards for Stargate SG-1
Interviews with Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion
Amanda Tapping and David Hewlett interview Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

clex made 5 Animated icons and also 14 more icons (some animated)
tinystages made 5 Atlantis icons
littlekfru made 6 stargate icons
memento1 post 11 Stargate icons, including Xmas ones
michaelwelch made 15 icons from Season 8's Gemini
_spuk_ made 10 Stargate icons
trilla_weasley posted 11 icons
jacksrubberduck posted 11 icons including a picture from Gemini
loserinc made 8 stargate icons
goddessvampyre made 23 Stargate icons
stargazer89 posted 8 stargate icons including Xmas ones
tucked_away posted 18 stargate icons
jr_moon posted 39 stargate icons
secretlyevileen made 13 stargate icons
lornyloo(me) posted 9 Stargate icons

Defeating Gravity by katie_m - Gen, AU from "Into the Fire."
by agentotter -Daniel/Sha'uri
by cofax7 - Gen AU with Daniel.
Untitled by troyswann - Gen, McKay and Weir. (post-Hot Zone)
Pegasus B, 3 snippets by troyswann; Untitled, Dr. Jackson Goes to Washington and Mulder was the bad guy
tsplash wrote Next time….I get to be on top Rating: R/NC-17, Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
nataliej36 wrote Introspective... Problem
Rating: R Pairing: Ford/Sheppard
faerie_mistress wrote Lost in Translation Pairing: Jack/Daniel
maraceles wrote Three's a crowd Spoilers: Prometheus Unbound and Season 9 casting, Pairing: Jack/Daniel

{Art and Graphics}
dierne made 2 Daniel journal headers with icons
suzygirl made a Sam/Jack wallpaper from Grace
chocojester made art based on Window of Oppertunity
duckadork made Sam/Jack art from Season 7's Lost City
nicci_mac made a Daniel/Jack manip and a topless Daniel manip
skater_g8r made a Shep/McKay Wallpaper

{Random Fandom}
lethal_insanity had a Stargate dream
katie_m wrote A Stargate Primer for the Farscape Fan which prompted cofax to write A Farscape Primer for the Stargate Fan
tripoli wrote a synopsis with thoughts for 8x11 Gemini
sg_appreciation are appreciating Window of Oppertunity

Icon Challenges:
stargate_still - awarded winners for Challenge #16 and GWC #13 // now holding a Skaa'ra Challenge (RG #17) and 'Merry Christmas' (GWC #14)
sg1_showdown - Winners for Challenge #39 announced // Challenge #40 is up: Open challenge AND Christmas
sg_challenge - Still currently holding their First Ones Challenge
atlantisfaceoff - Challenge #17 Winners. No challenges till after christmas
stargate_chorus - Still holding their 'You Gotta Be' by Des'ree, Challenge
the_alphasite - Round #3 - Teams is now underway
stargatehush - Challenge #2: Jonas Quinn is currently open

Fic/Drabble Challenges:
sj100 - Challenge #29 is up: 'Merry Christmas, Sir'
samjanet100 - Holding their Christmas
stargate100 - New challenge is up - Holidays
janetfic100 - Challenge: Christmas
atlantis100 - Challenge #11 up - Stargate SG1 Episode title challenge
samcarter100 - Challenge #34 - Heatwave is up
sg_infinite has a challenge based on Careers Sg1 never had

stargate_quiz - Challenge #3 is up // Points awarded
sg1_creativity - Voting on the new default icon for the community: VOTE NOW!

{New Community}
slashthedrabble is a mutli-fandom community drabbling community with challenges

Sny's Art does beautiful Stargate music videos

Thank you to everyone who helped this week, please continue to leave useful links and comments, your feedback has been great :) Merry Christmas!
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BSG: Adama/Roslin

Post #4 fourth's the one with the Golden Egg... that doesn't even make sense

Sign Michael Shanks' birthday message
Stargate SG-1 Music Video Awards, 2004 Voting now open!
Abydos Gate is currently running Jack O'Neill Contest 2004 and Janet Frasier Contest 2004

josephicons made 12 Stargate icons
loserinc made 4 Stargate Santa icons
photoshopranger made 9 Stargate icons
selluinlaer made 5 Stargate icons
cardboardprops mader 9 Stargate Jack and Daniel icons and 4 icons with SEASON 8 SPOILER FINALE PICS
lyssie made 8 Atlantis and 20 Stargate (Sam) icons
chlex made 17 Stargate icons with SEASON 8 FINALE PICTURES
alittletoolate made 15 Atlantis icons and 18 Stargate icons
caersmane made 10 Jack and Daniel icons
pensku made 17 Stargate and Atlantis icons with many pictrues from Stargate comic books
_spuk_ made 16 Stargate icons including two with with SEASON 8 FINALE PICS
iconic_memory posted 17 Stargate icons
jolinar_x_icons posted 13 Stargate and Atlantis icons
sg_crazy posted 4 Xmas Stargate icons
narcissaa made 10 Sam/Jack icons
coloneljack posted 23 mostly Jack icons
amanda_is_wacky made 14 Stargate icos
jacksrubberduck made 10 Stargate icons
queenofstars posted 16 Jack and Daniel icons
neatgrl made 35 Sam and Jack icon pictures include SEASON 8 FINALE PICS
jr_moon posted 36 Sam/Jack icons Rated:R

alittletoolate posted a Sam/Jac fic The Field Rating:R Spoilers: Affinity and Grace
chlex wrote a Sam/Jack fic Picturing You with Him Rating:PG13 Spoilers:Season 8
soniag posted a trilogy of Sam/Jack drabbles base around Abyss
bachelor_girl wrote 'Pretty Boy' and 'Invincible' both Ford/Beckett fics
blueskypenguin posted links to her Sheppard/Ford and McKay/Sheppard fics
ev_vy wrote a AU fic A Long Day's Journey - futurefic, slash, J/D
sage_theory wrote a Jack/Daniel fic called And You Can Tell Everybody That This Is Your Song with spoilers for some of Season 7 and 8

{Art and Graphics}
lyssie posted a Sam Carter wallpaper
neatgrl made a Sam/Jack Wallpaper
tripoli posted a Tealc collage:The Hierophant
therealmoebius posted Steve fanart plus a whole bunch more in wraithsteve
ningyouhime made a Sam/Pete wallpaper for Season 8's Affinity

{Random Fandom}
katana137uk made December - Stargate Calender Wallpaper</i>
sg_appreciation are currently appreciating The Fifth Race and have posted challenges. It is also still Jack appreciation month. The community also has a poll about future weeks.
cinnamonblood wants to know What sort of Steve fic would you like to read?
bluecove discuss's Jack's role in "Meridian, and why she as a Daniel fan can no longer hate Jonas Quinn
brandinsbabe is searching for a Jack/Daniel colourbar

{Music Videos}
misssimm posted a new Sam/Janet music video Toby Lightman's song Frightened Contains scenes from Season 7's Heroes

sg1_showdown has posted Winners for Challenge #38 and cap for Challenge #39
sg_challenge Challenge 4 The First Ones
atlantisfaceoff had posted Winners of Challenge #16 and cap for Challenge #17
stargate_still has posted Winners for Round #15 and GWC #12 (Martouf and Thanksgiving) and posted new rounds Round #16-Jacob Carter and GWC#13-Jackisms
stargate_chorus has posted Winners banners and new Challenge- 'You Gotta Be' by Des'ree
the_alphasite has it's second challenge up Apophis
sj100 has posted a new drabble challenge; Snow
stargate_quiz has posted Current ranking and Round #2
stargate100 posted it's new challenge 'mystery'
samjanet100 has a Christmas theme

{New Community}
stargatehush a Stargate icon challenge without text
If you want to keep up to date with the latest Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis news, Gateworld has an RSS feed, just friend gateworld
sg_infinite a community for stargate fics that involve alternate realities and wants to your thoughts
torri_squee a community to squee over Torri Higginson (Dr. Weir) and apparently there is porn ;)

Sorry the update is late this week, I blame the coursework of doom. I am still looking for people to help me search for links for this community. Leave a screened message if you'd like to help. xxx
BSG: Adama/Roslin

Post #3 - 3rd's the one with the hairy chest

Stargate Sg1 - The Official Magazine
Stargate starts back on Jan 21st
Region 2 versions of Stargate season 8 and volume 38 and Atlantis volume 1 are available for preorder
Erick Avari at Wolf SG9

queenofstars made 16 Jack, Daniel and Jack/Daniel icons
alata_elentari has posted 5 Stargate/Shakespeare icons
hologrammatical made 7 Stargate icons
ambisis made 9 Stargate icons including Season 7 pics
pookieicons posted 13 Stargate and 2 Atlantis icons
michaelwelch made 8 icons including 3 Neil Denis
chocojester posted 20 icons from 8x01 and 8x02 - New Order
tacitadark made 6 Sam icons
troyswann made 8 Atlantis icons and a Atlantis dvd cover
caersmane made 15 Stargate icons including pics from Season 7
xandra73 made 12 icons from Stargate;The Movie
_spuk_ made 13 Stargate icons
sg_crazy posted 21 Atlantis and Stargate season 8 icons
jr_moon posted 29 Black and white icons from Stargate season 7
tucked_away posted 18 Stargate icons
nevskaya made 19 Jack/Daniel icons and 10 Sam icons (spoilers for Season 8's New Order pt2)
jacksrubberduck just posted 10 Stargate icons

probodie wrote Maybe Baby McKay/Sheppardd - random sillyness - PG13
blueskypenguin wrote Introspective... Problem Sheppard/Ford - R
coreopsis wrote Scar Tissue Sheppard/McKay - NC-17
dachinchilla wrote Grown Men Don't Freak Daniel/Jack - R

{Art and Graphics}
lynxypoo drew Sam/Jack
chocojester created graphics for Season 8's 'Avatar
therealmoebius drew Wraith Steve

{Random Fandom}
London Stargate SG-1 Meetup Group
sg_appreciation is appreciating Jack O'Neill!
lydia2600 is looking for a live action Stargate role-playing game in the UK
fenriss posted some probing thoughts on how fic writers handle Teal'c's sexuality in sg1_beyond_otp
stargateficrec is looking for you to volunteer to be a reccer
nostalgia_lj ponders over Stargate As A Sekrit Evil Black Ops Fiasco

tafkarfanfic posted a S/J/D essay
matt1969 (previously matteabrit)is asking for any SG websites you'd like promoting
jacksrubberduck made a SG1 polaroid style Wallpaper

{Music Videos}
mamoru22 made 2 Atlantis music videos to 'Head Over Feet' and 'Space Taxi'
cardboardprops linked to 6 of her Stargate music videos
callea made a Sam/Daniel music video to Fall Into Me
taelonmahal made a Stargate music video to Lollipop
cosmic_llin made a Sam/Jack music video
azarsuerte made a McKay/Weir music video to "Let's Hear It for the Boy"

sj100 has posted a new challenge Holiday Song Titles
sg1_showdown has posted Winners of Challenge #37 and New Challenge #38
stargate_still has posted voting for Round #15 and GWC#12
stargate_chorus has posted banners for Monty Python Challenge, winners for previous challenge and new challenge
stargate100's topic this week is 'Thanksgiving'
the_alphasite's challenge The Gate is open until Dec 2nd
sg1_creativity has extended Challenge 16 till 5th Dec

stargate_women a community dedicated to any women of Stargate or Atlantis, post fics, icons, graphics, thoughts etc.

As usual please comment here throughout the week with suggestions, links, posts etc. I am also looking for people to help me with this community. It would involve looking for links and helping me compile this post. Comment here if you are willing to help. xxx
BSG: Adama/Roslin

Post#2 - Second the best

Wolf Sg9 have announced new guest Patrick Currie - Fifth
Michael Shanks to be at C7
Offical Stargate game site launched

Note: Being English I only keep track of cons in the UK, if anyone has any news about other cons they want me to post please let me know

I (lornyloo) posted 27 Stargate icons and 4 Atlantis icons in my icon journal. Spoiler for Season 7's Heroes
11 Sheppard and Weir icons by shipperchick
11 Sheppard and Weir icons by goddessvampyre
9 Abyss icons by scrollgirl
16 Stargate icons by shallanelprin
Teal'c/Ishta and Jack/Daniel icons by tallisen
12 Sam/Pete icons (some pictures from Season 8) by nevskaya
littlekfru now has an icon journal photoshopranger and has posted 8 Stargate and Atlantis icons
40 Stargate icons by jr_moon
20 icons many using kanji by succubusqueen13

saramund wrote a Sam/Jack fic Sleepless in Colorado - Vignette Rating:G Spoilers:Season 8
brighid wrote 2 gen pieces Cassie and Jack and Daniel and Casse

{Art and Graphics}
cithara made 8 Jack/Daniel Wallpapers,
loserinc made a blue Daniel Wallpaper and a long haired Daniel wallpaper
chocojester made Sam/Fifth art Spoilers for Season 8's New Order pt1
nyxmidnight drew Daniel, a shirt, a book, and a pretty behind

{Random Fandom}
stargate_quiz has a new mod tsplash
Whose Clones Are in You Cabin?
Dirty Dancing meets Abyss by trelkez
Atlantis caps up to 112
The original Stargate theme tune
purple_shoes has made a Sam/Jack video to Evanescence
azarsuerte made an Atlantis;Rising music video to Elevation by U2

stargate_still has posted winners banners for Round #13 and GWC #10
sg_appreciation are appreciating Atlantis Rising pt1
stargate_still has put up Challenge #15- Martouf and GWChallenge#12- Thanksgiving and posted banners for winners of the previous challenges
sg_challenge has issued a new challenge Urgo and posted 'hall of fame' for previous challenge "Children of the Gods"
stargate_chorus posted a a new challenge and winners of previous challenges
atlantisfaceoff has posted Winners and new challenge

{New Community}
the_alphasite a very open icon challenge community
sg1art_contest a new community for graphical art challenges

miniotp a mini!Sam and mini!Jack community
stargateficrec a place to recommend and find good Stargate fanfic
wraithsteve a community for fans of Atlantis' wraith Steve, post fic, icons etc.

Thank you for all the brilliant feedback I got for the first post, and I can't believe we have over 100 members already and it's only the second post! Please continue to let me know of any fandom activity you think I may have missed. In particular on sites outside of LJ as I just don't have time to search for them myself. Comment with suggestions, ideas, links etc.

Also at the moment I am aiming to post sometime on Wednesdays (London-GMT), does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any days that would be prefered? How is the content of this page? Would you prefer two posts a week (or a post every two weeks if it's too little) instead of a post as long as this? Thanks for your feedback.