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SG Debrief

Because you can never have too much Stargate

11/18/04 12:32 am - lornyloo - Post #1 - In the beginning...

Welcome to the first post!

{Stargate News:}
Scifi renews Stargate for Season 9 and Atlantis for Season 2
Voting for Stargate Music Video Awards is due to start 17th Nov

3 funny icons from Stargate 'Enemy Mine' by loserinc
24 Stargate icons by neatgrl
12 Stargate and Atlantis (McKay) icons by littlekfru
6 Atlantis and Stargate icons (mainly Sheppard) by sg_crazy
12 textless Stargate and Atlantis icons by _spuk_
Pretty pretty icons by jr_moon

lyssie posted Virgin!Jack fic (S/J) R/NC17
skroberts posted Jack Drabble "Yang"
cecilialisbon posted 2 Sam/Jack fics Brave Little Girl and its prequel My Life in Moments

{Art and Graphics:}
nevskaya made a Sam wallpaper Spoilers from 8.02 (New Order part2)"
chocojester made a Sam/Jack 2010 graphic Sam/Jack 2010 graphic"
mistiannyi made a very shiny Daniel wallpaper"

{Random Fandom:}
Lost City music video to "Gotta get through this" by skroberts
sg_appreciation is currently appreciating Simon from Stargate Atlantis" with an open challenge

{Competions and challenges:}
samcarter100 has issued a new drabble challenge Challenge 29:Lost
sg1_creativity voting is up Week 15 voting
sg_challenge has posted its latest challenge Stargate SG1 :: 1969
sg1_showdown has posted Challenge 36 winners and posted Challenge 37
stargate_still is currently running 2 Challenges Challenge #14 2010 and Challenge #11 Food
Voting should be up any time soon on stargate_chorus

{New Community}
atlantis_uk a community for UK Atlantis fans

Please feel free to comment letting me know what you think of this community and any ideas, questions, additions you have for it. While I can track down a lot of stuff myself it is impossible for me to find everything. Comment throughout the week to this post with any informations, links (in or outside LJ) about Stargate related things you have discovered. Thank you
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